Blogmas days: 5-8

Here are blogmas days: 5-8…I’ve missed some days because of family related things, so here I am catching up.  Hope you like them.  They are not very long but atleast they are up.

Blogmas day 5 : Christmas Tradition: We open one present Christmas eve, and then we open the rest on Christmas Day

The tradition that we have is  we open one present on Christmas eve, and everyone shares what they got, and then we have some snacks, talk awhile and then head to bed for Santa to come in the morning.  On Christmas day, we get up early, wait til everyone is awake, and then one by one, pass out gifts and open them.  As we open gifts, we read the Christmas story and then everyone goes their separate ways.

Blogmas day 6 : My favorite thing to do in the snow: Build a snowman and sled

My favorite things to do in the snow are build a snowman and sled.  It’s just so much fun and you are never too old to have fun in the snow.  I have a toddler, so it makes the snow more bearable and a lot more fun.

Blogmas day 7 : 5 Things I love about Christmas

  1. The change in the weather…it goes from being slightly cold; fall weather, to really cold and pretty.
  2. The smell…  I love the smell of winter because you just have so many different types.  Wood burning, the trees, the air… everything.
  3. The songs…I love Christmas songs.
  4. The lights…O my word I love the lights.  There are so many lights that people put up around their houses and it’s just so pretty.
  5. The food and drinks…Normally there is so much food it’s awesome.  You have fudge, cookies, all the deserts you can eat, ham, all those types of foods. You also have hot chocolate to drink, festive drinks for this type of year and candy canes…can’t forget those.

Blogmas day 8 : If I could go anywhere during Christmas, where would I go: Paris

I would go to Paris.  I just think that all the pictures I see…It’s just beautiful around Christmas.



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