Blogmas day 3 & 4: Favorite Christmas Snack and Drink

So today is blogmas day 3 & 4 !!! Yay…sorry for the delay….life stuff is going on right now…so if I don’t do these in order, i’m sorry, don’t worry they will hopefully be up.

My favorite Christmas snack is Fudge and drink is hot chocolate. I love peanut butter fudge just because it tastes really good; plus I love peanut butter. And my favorite drink for this month and this season is hot chocolate. It’s just one of those drinks that you can drink for like 3-4 months and never get tired of it.  You can put different toppings on like sprinkles, candy cane shavings, anything.




That’s all for today, nothing elaborate.




What is your favorite Christmas snack and drink?  Share in the comments below.


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