Day 1 of Blogmas: How was my Thanksgiving holiday

blogmas day 1



Hello my sweet friends.  Welcome today 1 of Blogmas!!! Today’s blogmas post is going to be about my thanksgiving week.  My thanksgiving was great.  We had two thanksgiving.  We celebrated early with my family, and then celebrated on the day with my husband’s family.  Lots of food and just great to time with family.  It was a great time to be with family and reflect on all the things that we have to be thankful for this year.  For me I have so much to be thankful for.  But for most, my son.  He is my inspiration and the reason why I wake up everyday.  He is my pride and joy, and watching him live each day happy, just makes me proud and lets me know that I am doing what I need to do.  I am so proud to be his mom, he has come so far, and he’s just going to keep growing and smiling and living life joyfully and happy and that’s all that I can ask for.  I am also thankful that my husband and my son are getting closer.  He always wants to spend time with his daddy and that is what I’ve been wanting for a while now.  My son is 2 years old, but for the longest time, he didn’t really want to spend time with his daddy and now he does, and I’m so thankful for that each and every day that they spend time together.


In the comments below tell me: How  your thanksgiving was?

Stay tuned for tomorrow for Blogmas day 2 🙂




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4 thoughts on “Day 1 of Blogmas: How was my Thanksgiving holiday

  1. Yay! Someone else who is doing Blogmas! I think it’s so much fun, don’t you?

    My Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was my first time hosting as well as my first time having 10 people over at our house! When you have a 15-month old toddler running around, hosting such a big dinner is quite the interesting event! We enjoyed tons of food, made memories, and loved spending time with each other!


    • I can imagine. I have a 2 year old, so it’s hard enough just getting them in the car, not sure I could host as well lol. I’m glad it went well. And yes it is so much fun to do blogmas. Never done it and I have to post around my 2 year old but so far so good 🙂


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