Online School VS Regular School

Hello my sweet friends and welcome back to another Chat With Vina blog post.  Today I’m going to be talking about the Pros and Cons of Online School Vs Regular School. I have done both so I can relate to everything that I’m saying in this post.  But in the end, it’s all up to what you prefer.



-You can do it at your own pace

-You can do it anywhere you want (on a train, on a bus, in your house, etc)

-You can wear whatever you want (pajamas, a suit, hair messy, no make up etc)

-You can talk anyway you would like

-You can sleep as long as you would like, (you don’t have to be up at a certain time)


-You have to do everything on your own

-You don’t have a professor right there in front of you to ask questions to or concerns

-If you don’t understand something, it’s a lot harder to figure it out on your own

-You have to look up the research on your own

Regular School:


-You have someone there to ask questions to

-You can meet new people everyday (games,events, etc)

-You can study with friends

-Can be a bit easier depending on your major


-You have to be up at a certain time so you don’t miss class

-You can get homesick if you live far away from family

-You have to actually sit in a classroom for as many hours as it is

-If you have children, you have to find some place for them to go while you are in class

-It’s more expensive than online college


So in my opinion they are almost the same as that each one has around the same as many pros and cons as the other.  But it all depends on what you prefer.  I have always done better online than in a regular classroom setting…but I keep my studying methods about the same way.

 In the comments below which one do you prefer: Online or Regular?


5 thoughts on “Online School VS Regular School

  1. Great list, but I’d have to disagree with some of it. I did my associate’s in person and am doing my bachelor’s and masters online currently (my husband is in the military so online makes it easier to move when needed). I love being able to create my own schedule since my schedule is never the same each week. It allows me to go with the flow a bit more. But I would definitely disagree with being able to talk however you want. Professors still expect you to act and speak like an adult in all emails and discussion boards. I always try to carry myself as professionally as possible, even when responding to classmates. Also, my professors are always readily available. I’m able to ask questions whenever needed and one of my professors even Skypes with me sometimes if she wants to explain something more in depth! My school also has its own social media site where I can connect with my classmates and join online clubs. I’m even the vice president of our communications club and have weekly Skype dates with some of my fellow classmates. My online experience has been absolutely amazing at my current school and I definitely prefer it to in person courses! 🙂


    • Oh I agree. I didn’t go into complete detail because this post would have been really long. It also depends on the school that you are attending. My experience online has been great but some people I know, they just didn’t like it. But great discussion. 😀


  2. I went to boarding school so I have a slightly different preference. I did do online school for a year when my dad was transferred overseas. If I had to choose online or public I would choose public school.


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