Update: College, being a mom, a wife, having a life


Hey my sweet friends.  So many of you might have noticed that I have not been posting a lot in the past week. Ok I’m going to share something with you…being a mom, a wife and a college student is hard.  As some of you may know, I am in college.  I’m working on my masters degree for healthcare administration.  I already have my associates in social work management and my bachelors in Psychology. I have done really well in school my whole life and college was not that different.  But the class I’m currently taking is harder than I thought it could be. To give you kind of a way to understand…last week it took me all week to work on 1 part of 4 for an assignment.  I had to hand in the first part of the whole project.  I wrote 16 pages of information from what management is to basically how I would implement the improvements.  Basically I’m in charge of implementing a new strategy of making an organization work better and I have to improve the staff development and the rest of the team.  It doesn’t sound hard, except it really is. It was really hard because I have not been doing that great in my class last week, so I was really nervous as to how this first part would turn out.  So it took me all week, thankfully my parents decided to take my 2 year old for the weekend so it helped out a little bit.  But on top of that, I have speech therapy every week for my son, I have to make sure to make time for my son and my husband, and myself, and I have this blog.  And I just got done writing part 2 of the final project which was 13 pages of information. Now I love the nursing field, I didn’t for the longest time, but being a CNA, getting my certification  and working in a nursing home really changed my perspective… so being an administrator for a nursing home or hospital would be pretty nice.  I’m about 6 classes away from achieving my masters…so I have a little less then a year left of college.

Now I take classes online but to give you kind of an idea of how hard online classes are compared to going to a regular campus…you are learning the material on your own without a teacher to really go through it with you and guide you.  And since I’m a health care student, I write papers…anywhere from 13 pages to 20 or 30 pages long. I know hurts your brain right lol…anyway  I will do a separate blog post about this…but health care management is in the nursing field so I have to know a lot. This all being said…it’s been really stressful.  Thankfully I did really well on the first part of the assignment that I was so scared I would do bad on. So as much as I want this blog to be a priority, it just hasn’t been.  I really want my masters so I can do something different or go to nursing school and become a nurse…that is still in the far back of my mind lol  The good thing is working as a CNA in a nursing home, I got to see what nurses really do, and I was around some pretty cool nurses, nurses that I look up to because they taught me alot and they made me respect what they do even more.  I love helping people and I don’t know…I’m just writing what’s on my mind guys lol  But anyway that is why I have not been posting.  I’m really sorry about not posting much, but being a mom, a wife and in college…they are my first priority always…and it can be stressful at times.  That being said though…I did make time to have a date day and night with my husband…we went shopping, cooked dinner and had a Jurassic park marathon because I love those movies…and we watched the first season of the Big Bang Theory.  Today my son came home from my parent’s house and we just played with him and had fun.  I do have some posts that I am planning on writing but I’m also trying this new blogging schedule.  I’m going to see how it goes…so here it is:


-Write post


-Publish post

-share on social media

-reply to comments


-write post


-publish post

-share on social media

-reply to comments


-Brainstorm topics

-reply to comments

Saturdays & Sundays


Now this is something I’m trying…that way I get 2 posts up a week, so my readers can expect that.  This also gives me the time I need to spend with family, do my homework…especially Mondays because that day is when I am finishing up the homework that is due that week.  It also works well because Wednesdays are family days, so I normally don’t post those days, and so are Saturdays. So I will see how this works out, and hopefully you all will like my posts.  I will talk to you all later.  Sorry this is long but I really needed to update you all especially those who read my posts so that you didn’t think I just randomly left.   Have a wonderful day 🙂   Just remember…..I’m



5 thoughts on “Update: College, being a mom, a wife, having a life

  1. I couple of years a go I was a mom of two and a college student also. It was a trying time with due dates, assignments, and then trying to be the best mom and wife possible. I couldn’t imagine having a blog at that time on top of all that! You are Super Woman!


  2. As a college freshman who hasn’t been in school in 5 years, with a job and a blog, I can imagine how stressful it is. I had to put my blog on the back burner for a bit too til I could get myself situated. Hopefully as the year progresses, you’ll be able to get back in the swing of things too 😉


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