Strive for Progress Not for Perfection + plus what organizational projects I have been working on

Hello my sweet friends. So for the blog post today it’s the organization projects I have been working on.  I love when things are organized, just because my husband and I can find things alot easier and quicker. So before we begin, I found a quote on (Pinterest) that I love and want to share with you.  If you read it, it says “STRIVE FOR PROGRESS NOT FOR PERFECTION.”  This quote is very meaningful because we don’t want things to be perfect, at least I don’t. I like a little mess here and there; it shows that I’m human and I have a toddler running around lol; and we all know that when you have a toddler, your house can go from 100% clean, to it looking like a tornado hit the inside of your house and missed the rest of the town lol. This can also go for any part of your life.  You want to strive for progress that way you know that you are getting somewhere and you are understanding where you are and where you want to be and you may even be happy…but if you strive for perfection, I’m afraid you may be disappointed, because nothing will ever be completely perfect…atleast not in this life.  So there you have…my meaning of this quote…and here are some pictures of what I have been organizing this week. 🙂
This is when you first go up stairs.  This was just blank and I wanted something in the corner so I just put a white table that I had, put some photos, a little lantern we got in South Dakota, some flowers and a mirror on it.  I then put our workout equipment underneath it in a little black basket, put some extra stuff we didn’t really need right away right next to it, and then my purple yoga mat leaning on the side of it.  I then took some picture frames of my family that we have and hung them up over the stand.  I love it and it makes the house feel cozier and more inviting.

Same picture, different angle

This is our movie bookshelf. My movies are on the very top and my husband’s movies are on the three shelves that were left.

This is our book and game shelf.  First I went ahead and put my son’s books that I want to keep nice on the far right, then I put some of our books on the middle and the left.  The next shelf down has all my husband’s xbox and xbox one games, and the shelf underneath that has my husbands Playstation 1,2, and 3 games, WII and WII U games and game-cube games.  The shelves under that one has the rest of our books…including the books I used for reference when I was pregnant, my Christian books and bibles, just reading books of all kinds and of course our self help books I just like to use as a reference..  This all took me about an hour or so to do both shelves and now my husband can find all of his games and I can find all of my books. And these are not all of my books, I have more in my bedroom, and my son has some in his room that he is allowed to have because he can’t destroy them lol.

That’s it for now, hope you all had some inspiration, and in the comments below…answer this question….

Question to answer:


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