5 tips to help a child who has a speech delay

Hello my sweet friends, and welcome back to another Chat With Vina blog post. Today’s post is going to be about how to help a child who has a speech delay, and 5 tips that I have used that has helped for my child. Let’s get started….

These are photos that I took of him yesterday.

     My 2 year old has a speech delay.  We discovered it when he was about 1 years old, he wasn’t speaking like a lot of the other children his age…now may I remind you that our child does things when he is ready, however speech is something all children need to develop so when they get into school, they can communicate.  Anyway when the doctor told us that he should be talking a little bit, that sort of concerned me just a little. The doctor told us some things we can try to help him talk and after about a year…he’s doing really well.  These are my tips on how to help a child who has a speech delay, learn to talk more.

1) Let them know it’s ok to speak and mess up
       -Little kids need to understand that it’s ok if they talk and don’t quite get the right word or don’t say it properly.  This is how they learn to say the word and understand what it means.

2) Read and let them look at books with you
      -Reading to them, can really help them learn how to talk.  It can teach them that it’s ok to talk, and that reading is fun.  Also if you let them look at the book, then not only can you help them know what’s in the book, but also you can spend time with them, and teach them along the way.  One of my son’s favorite things to do is to look at his books.  He points things out, and I tell him what they are, that way he’s learning what the objects are, but  also he’s having fun.

3) Talk to them
       -Always talk to your kids.  They learn so much just by hearing what you say.  Now again remember that you have to watch what you say around them, because once they do talk, they will say whatever you say…but it’s also a great way for them to learn how to talk to someone, how to talk to you, and just how to speak in general.

4) Repeat everything
        -kids are not perfect speakers, they are just learning how to speak, so if you repeat things over and over to them, they will eventually put it all together.

5) Make it fun
        -Always make learning fun.  If you want your child to say the word “ball,” get a ball, and throw it to them, or teach them to play catch or just play with them and every time you use a ball, say “ball.”  They will get it and when they do, not only will you be a proud parent, but you will also have a very proud child.

Those are 5 tips that have helped us..hope they help you. 🙂

Now I also keep flash cards with words that he knows, and go over them with him, and I also keep a piece of paper that has every word or phrase that he has learned, and again I go over them with him every day.  In January he knew 2 words, now it’s September and he knows 75-90 words including phrases and he knows where all his body parts.  So keep it fun, let them learn and enjoy the years you have with them because they grow up fast. If they are having too much trouble, talk to their doctor and get their advice, they may ask that you have a speech therapist come in, which is what we do for our son, and by us teaching him and working with him, and the therapist coming in once a week to work with him, he has learned so much.

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