My top 10 must haves for the fall/winter season

Hey my sweet friends.  What is up with this season?  The leaves are falling but it’s like 70-90 degrees outside.  Not cool, but I also live in the north where it never knows exactly what season it wants to be…but I am going to say it’s fall because in my mind it is lol.  Now I love fall.  It’s my number one season because it’s my birthday season, and because it’s the time when all the leaves start to change and fall and things just start to feel fresh again.  I have a few must haves when it comes to this season…so let’s get started. =)

1) Sweat pants– I live in sweat pants in this season.  I have so many paires because I just love them so much.

2) Sweat shirts and sweaters– Now I also love these…especially because I get cold very easily, I gotta have my warm and comfy clothes.

3) Fussy socks-Yes I gotta have these too to keep my feet warm.

4) Scarfs– Now I love these because not only can you wear them in the summer, but you can also wear them in the fall and winter, and they are so cute with so many outfits; plus they are warm.

5) Boots-Oh yes you just gotta have boots.  I love brown and black boots, but I also have really bright pink rain boots which also work really well in the fall and winter months; plus I’m so short and petite that I can so pull them off lol

6) Chapstick-Yes my lips get chapped so gotta have my chapsticks.

7) Lotion-Just gotta have lotion for when you have those dry days and there’s just no moisture in the air..gotta keep those hands lotioned.

8) Candles and blankets-The smell is just beyond beautiful and homey, and the blankets just make everything cozier.

9) A good book, music, and hot tea/hot chocolate– When it’s cold outside and you just want to feel warm…there’s nothing better than a sitting down with a blanket on, reading a good book and drinking hot tea or hot chocolate.

10) gloves, hat & a good lipstick– And for those extra cold days…a cute hat and cute gloves and a good lipstick (I personally love red and dark purple lipstick), will always make you feel warm and pretty. So there you have it, my top 10 must haves for fall/winter seasons

Question of the day:
    -what is one thing that you must have for the fall and winter season? Leave your answer in the comments below.  


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