She Designed A Life She Loved

Hello all my sweet friends.  Blogging lately has not been as exciting as it has been in the past few months and I think it’s because I was loving my life, and now I’m still loving it but I’m not really liking where this blog is going just because I feel like I have hit a wall.  I have not been blogging all that much lately and that is part of the reason.  I have not had the inspiration to blog.  When I post a blog post, I want to write something that will touch someone and mean something to someone…and I feel like my last blog post did; so what I did was I just went on pinterest and searched Inspirational Yoga Quotes on Life because I love yoga and there are some great quotes in that category…anyway I found this one:

I love this quote because it’s just really inspiring.  I want to design a life that I love and I feel that I can do that.  I want this blog to grow and to just inspire people to just love their life.  Designing a life you love is so important and I feel that sometimes we lose what we love.  We get caught up in paying bills, going to work or school, all the normal things that we forget why we used to love our lives.  So this is an amazing quote and it’s really inspired me to get back into blogging and hopefully get my blog growing.  I did take the first step and redo my office/spareroom…so that is exciting and I’m happy with how  it has turned out. It’s a very peaceful room, cozy and but still worthy of being able to work and get things done.  That’s all for today: Just remember to DESIGN A LIFE YOU LOVE. ❤

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