5 Things motherhood has taught me

So today’s post is going to be about being a mother.  First of all I want to say that anyone who is a mother or is going to be a mother…congratulations…enjoy it…it’s a beautiful thing.  So here we go……

1) Be patient
      -As a mother, I have learned I need to be patient.  Now I have always been a pretty patient person, however when you have a child, being patient means so much more than just dealing with people.  It means that when you are in a hurry and your child is just enjoying life, because they don’t need to be in a hurry, you just need to smile and tell yourself, they are just children and you need to have patience.

2) What you want goes out the window
      -As a parent you come to realize that the things that you really want, come in second place to your child.  All of a sudden you are responsible for another human being who relies on you for everything, so you need to understand that and be selfless and put your child first before yourself.

3) Pick Your Battles!!!s LOL
      -I’m am learning this as a young mom in my mid 20’s.  I will be 26 here in September, and at the end of August my son will be 2 years old, and he’s already acting like a 2 year old.  Matter of fact my son’s birthday and my birthday are only a week apart so that’s really cool.  But anyway…  Sometimes I have to remember to just pick my battles.  If he wants to keep his shoes on because he loves them, then that is ok with me, as long as he does what we are going to, whether that’s getting ready to go somewhere or getting ready for bed.  I don’t want to be fighting with him about his shoes because it’s not that important.  So just pick your battles.  Realize that there are some things that are not going to hurt your child if they wear something, or whatever.

4) Always be prepared
       -I’ve also learned to be prepared for anything.  I always make sure there is an extra diaper bag that stays in my car, that has everything our normal diaper bag has in it, because I am always forgetting something, and when I forget something, I know that in the car, there is an extra set of clothes, or diapers, or toys, or whatever.  It comes in handy in case you are out in public, and your child has a melt down, or they are so messy that it’s embarrassing; come on I know all you mothers have experienced this sometime in your lifetime with your children LOL, and you don’t have what you need in the store because you didn’t think you would need it…well have an extra set of everything in your car for those unexpected moments.

5) Always love your child no matter what & tell them that you love them
          -You should always love your child no matter what they have done or what they do.  Love is so powerful and its the one thing, that your child will remember as they get older.  I always tell my son that I love him.  I give him lots of hugs and kisses and I say I love you all the time, to the moon and back.  Yes he is young but he will remember that once he gets older.  Don’t go a minute or a moment without telling your child that you love them.  Children are a blessing from God, and as their mother, we should always love them.

Question of the day:
    -What is one thing that motherhood has taught you?


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