5 Tips for Motivation and Inspiration that I Use

5 Tips I Use to Feel Motivated and Inspired

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post.  Today we are going to talk about inspiration and motivation.  I am going to share my 5 tips on how I get motivated and how I come up with inspiration for my blog posts, and then you can tell me yours.  Lets get started 🙂

1) Change up your daily routine
       -Something I love to do when I feel like I am not motivated is to change up my daily routine.  Lately I’ve been exercising in the mornings or afternoons, that way I feel better about myself, and I feel motivated for the day.  So if you do your work at home sometimes, try going to a coffee shop and studying or do work. If you play with your kids at home, take them to the park and play with them. This will give you motivation for the day, and also it can spark up some inspiration.
2) Give your mind a break
       -We often work and never realize that our minds need a break sometimes.  One way I love to give my mind a break is to just relax, take a walk and enjoy the fresh air,read my bible and journal. This will not only give you that vitamin D that everyone always talks about from being outside in the sun, but it will also let your mind rest for a bit, and just relax.  You can also spend time with friends and family, this way you don’t have think to much, and you can just be silly and comfortable with the people who make you feel great about yourself. 

3) Enrich yourself
      -Go on pinterest
      -read a book
      -do crafts or art 
          Find inspiration from things that make you happy and that you like to do.  I love going on pinterest, or reading a book to find my inspiration.  This not only makes me happy, but it’s also a way for me to just do something for me.
4) Capture your inspiration
       -Remember to always jot things down, take pictures or videos.  When you feel uninspired, pull out your notes, pictures and videos, and think about what amazing content you can create from all of those.
5) Organize your space
       -I love doing this when I feel unmotivated.  When my space is a mess, I feel a mess. So a great thing to do is organize and clean it up, change it up a little that way you can feel inspired and motivated to work.  When I have a clean and organized space I feel like I can conquer the world 🙂

Question of the day:
   What are some tips/ways that you do to feel motivated and inspired?  Share in the comments below and have a great day 🙂

 My own pictures that I took


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