Realizing you are enough gives you the courage to be vulnerable

Poem I wrote: I Discover Me

I build walls, I let no one in,
I hide my fears, I hide within.
I don’t want people, seeing the real me,
So I keep my hurt inside, I keep the pain in deep.
I can’t release, I can’t feel free,
Until I realize, I’m only hurting me.
So I start to tear down the walls that I have built,
I start to let the tears fall, til I’m ok within.
I start to get honest with myself,
I start to let people know the real me.
I realize it’s ok if people don’t like me,
Because… I like me.
I start to open up to myself, and learn to be by myself,
I have stopped looking for others approval,
 and I now look to myself.
I start doing what I love, I start enjoying life,
I start seeing each moment as an opportunity,
to grow within myself and gain a new perspective.
I have realized that by being vulnerable,
I discover myself, I take the veil off,  I discover who I want to be,
I… Discover Me.

I wrote this poem because it’s what I have learned and I think it’s something we can all learn about ourselves as we grow in ourselves. I want people to see the real me, see that I am a vulnerable, emotional person and that I write, because I can write and learn who I am.  I feel like jounraling, or blogging is my therapist, someone or something who is trying to open me up and tear down the walls that have consumed who I really am. I have come to realize that “I AM ENOUGH.”  Realizing that you are enough can be hard. For me…it’s really hard. I’m going to open up on here alittle bit. I’m really small and I’ve always been picked on because of it. It has taken me a long time to be ok with my size. I also have a problem where I feel like people need to like me. It’s a constant challenge and struggle and sometimes I feel like I’m never going to win the battle. Recently I’ve just been searching myself and figuring out who I am. I feel that in your 20’s, which I’m almost 26, you struggle to find out who you are. You struggle to find out what your purpose is in life. But one thing that I’m learning is that by realizing I’m enough, I can finally be vulnerable. I can knock down the walls, let the tears fall and let myself feel real emotions. I can actually tell someone something that I’ve been hiding because I felt like they would hate me or not understand. I was watching a video that said…vulnerability is the only bridge to connections.” By realizing that you are enough, you can finally build real connections with people. You can build true, sincere friendships that can last a lifetime. When we finally accept the fact that who we are is enough, we start to discover who we really are and where we want our life to go. We finally feel happy and satisfied with who we are as a person, and stop looking to others to make us happy. We realize that things that have happened in the past, has helped shape who we are now. It’s ok to be vulnerable because you come to realize that “you are enough.”



I have worked really hard on this blog post.  It took some time for me to really decide what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it.  This just seemed to hit me and I feel like I needed to share it with you all in hopes that it will change someone’s life today or inspire you in some way.



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