Father’s Day

     Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog.  Today we are going to simply talk about father’s day because that is what yesterday was.  This won’t be a long post today, some a little bit about what we did for father’s day and then the comments are yours to tell me what you did.

    Well yesterday my husband had to work, so for the day we ended up just spending time at home til he got done with work.  After he got done, we took our son and went for a very long walk around town.  We did some shopping and looking around just enjoying the nice summer evening.  On our way back through town, we ended up stopping at a Chinese restaurant and got some food.  We then had a family dinner, and for the first time our toddler ate shrimp, rice and chicken.  He loved it all. The day before yesterday, we spent time with my dad and mom and siblings so that we could spend father’s day with him.  All in all it was a very good weekend and just a relaxing time with family.

Question of the day:
  How did you all spend your father’s day?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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