Liam’s Learning Bag that can be used for many purposes

Hey everyone.  So keeping with the learning and organization post I have on here, I am going to show you my son’s Learning and what I keep in it. Now I still play as he learns, but this is what I use when I just want him to relax and learn the things his speech therapist would like him to learn. The great thing about this bag is  I can also take this on trips or outings, so he has things to play with if we are somewhere where they don’t have toys or anything.  And I don’t do this every day.  This is just what I do in the mornings sometimes with him, after we get dressed, and he does all his morning things like brush teeth, have breakfast, have his drink and some cuddles…can’t forget the morning cuddles lol  So lets get into it shall we 🙂

This is a stuffed animal that I use to help him learn body parts like: Mouth, Arm, Stomach, etc

This is his learning bag that I keep everything in, including that black bag

This is what I keep most of his stuff in like blocks, cups, alphabet sticks, cars, things that have to do with learning the alphabet

This is go fish and I just take matches, and see if he can match the pictures with each other

This is a picture of his learning things I use, like his blocks, his shapes, his number cups, his alphabet sticks,etc

 Question of the day:
   Do you have a learning bag, or something to keep your children happy when you go on trips? Share in the comments below.


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