You are not alone

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post.  I feel like I say that all the time, but it just sounds better than trying to come up with something that makes no sense.  So today I decided to do something different.  I almost never do this…and I don’t put myself out there especially with my singing. The song I chose to sing a cover on is called I am not alone by Kari Jobe.  Kari jobe is a christian artist, who to me is amazing.  Her voice is so refreshing and calming and you can tell she just speaks from the heart.  I love watching her videos on youtube, and this song specifically has just been amazing.  You are not alone.  No matter what you are going through, God is here, and he is listening to you.  He hears everything you say, pray, do, whatever.  And I just want to encourage all of you out there to just seek him and find him and ask him to come into your life.  He is an amazing God and he doesn’t want you to feel alone.

Note to see the video: click here:
or just keep reading til the bottom there’s the video.  Hope you all like it.

Psalm 73:23
Yet I am always with you; you hold me by your right hand.

These two verses are in the video, but I also want to point them out here in the blog post, because I don’t think that anyone should feel like they are never heard, or that they feel like no one cares, about them because God cares about you.  He cares about you even if you think there is no reason why he should, he cares.  Be blessed today, and hopefully this just brings a calming smile and assurance to someone that God is always there for you.


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