Balancing being a Mom, a college student, and a wife

Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another blog post.  Today we will be talking about how I balance being a mom, a college student and a wife, because if any of you have children, you know that just getting time  to yourself can be quite a challenge.

So ever since I had a child, he has been my whole world.  Pretty much my life revolves around him, but then I had to figure out how I was going to continue with my school work, still make time for my husband and still make time for my child. It can be pretty difficult when you know things need to get done, but your child wants your attention, your husband wants your attention, you have to do homework or take a test and all you want is a break, even if it’s only for 5 minutes…but it’s life and it’s something that we have to learn how to balance.  So for me there are things that I do that kind of help a little with the demands of everything. If you use any of these, let me know…and even let me know what you do use to help out with the ciaos of life.

1) Use a planner/notebook/agenda-I use a planner because it’s a way for me to just keep track of everything.  In my planner I put in my homework assignments for that week, my child’s doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions, events that my husband and I may have planned, family things…anything that I need to remember, I put in a planner.

2) Write it on a Fridge-I also write things on my fridge.  We bought our fridge when we rented our apartment, so it’s ok if I write on it.  I use a dry erase marker and just write what I need to remember..for example important numbers…etc.  It’s just another way of me remembering what I need to know…in case I don’t get the chance to put it in my planner or notebook.

3) A Clock- I also use a clock.  This is because I need to know when something is, and if I have a clock, I can look at it and know if I’m going to be early, late, what time do I have to leave, what time does my child need to be up for an appointment or therapy session, etc

4) Make sure your child is in bed at a certain time. I make sure my kid is in bed no later than around 11pm, so that I can make time for my husband.  Now I know that’s a late time, but it’s for a routine, which I can talk about in another blog post.  Around 11pm-about 3am…it’s me and my husband time.  By setting this time, I can make sure my homework is done by 11pm, my kid is in bed by 11pm, my husband is done with work by 11pm, and things are going to be settling down by then.  It just makes it so I can make time for him, since I have been with my child all day long.

5) Pick a time of day to make time for your child. Morning times are for me and my child.  I make sure that in the morning, that is when I can relax a little and just watch my child play.  I get up when he gets up, and from there on out, it’s just us.  This makes it so there is time for my child to spend time with me, and he doesn’t feel like mommy isn’t around.

6) Cherish the nap times. Nap times are normally when I make time for myself.  My child take anywhere from a 2-3 hour nap a day, and in that couple of hours of window time, I make time for anything that is important to me, like maybe I need to do dishes, or right now, he’s taking a nap, so I’m doing a blog post that I wanted to make sure I did today, I go on my ipad and just chill…I watch a tv show…but I make time for myself in this time.  Nap times are great, so use them to your benefit if you can.

Question and thing to think about for the day/week:
So those are what I use to kind of manage the ciaos of life.  In the comments below, what are some things that you do that help you make your life easier? don’t need to be a mom, a wife…maybe you are a college student, or a high school student and you have a busy life style.  Share in the comments below what you do to help you deal with it all and make time for the important people in your life.


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