New Background, New Title, quick blog post: Liam’s Favorite Books

Hello again everyone and welcome back.  So some of you may notice I have changed the background and name to my blog.  I did all of this because I have like 10-15 blog post ideas down on a piece of paper and I was noticing that they all gear towards me and my little boy… so I decided if that was the case, that I would change my blog just a little bit.  Hope you all like it because I really do, and my post will still have the things it has on it…like advice, lifestyle things, etc… but also things that are more about me and my little boy that maybe some of you other moms out there can relate to. So let’s get into the blog post of the day shall we 🙂

Liam’s favorite books

So these are my son’s favorite books.  I read to him every night, and even though he’s almost 2 years old, he knows which books he wants to look at for the night.  Since he isn’t quite talking yet, reading is great because it can help him learn to talk and develop the speech that he is going to need as he gets old.  Reading can really help a child who is delayed in their speech, like my child.Even though he is almost 2 years old, he still doesn’t speak that much, so a good way that I am helping him learn is by reading to him, or letting him pick out his own books at bedtime, and letting him flip through the pages.  He loves doing this throughout the day so it’s a great way for him to learn, and a great bonding time for parents and their child(children).

Question of the day:

What are/were your child’s/(children’s) favorite books? And if you don’t have any children, then tell me in the comments what your favorite book/books were as a child.  Comment below 🙂 Also what do you think of the new layout and title?  Does it fit?


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