Mom Cave:/Quiet Area: Why we (moms) need a mom cave/ quiet area and how you can create one of your own

Today I wanted to do an inspired blog post.  I’ve been wanting to have a place to myself where I could do my bible studies, read, watch Liam and just have an area that was only for me…but I didn’t really have a really good room to do that where I could still watch my son.  So I went on my favorite site “pinterest,” and found this article about a mother who has three kids, and how she was able to make what she called a “mom cave.”  Now for guys, its usually easy, take an area and put a tv, game systems, and guy stuff and that is a “guy man cave,” but what about for us women or  moms? We should be able to have a place like that too, not just a kitchen or whatever. Now in this article, this lady said it was really easy to do, even if you don’t have a lot of space. She talks about how she used a bean bag and a flashlight, one time, and an area in her garage another time, but this time, for the place she is in now, she used a part of her small closet.  She put a small desk in there, after she cleared and organized her and her husband’s clothes and stuff, and she put a chair in there, decorated a small corner of it, put a lamp in there, and now she has a place where she can go and be alone for a few minutes.  So I got inspired and decided to see what I could come up with and here it is:

This is in the corner of my living room, right next to the door that leads directly into my living room.  I just quickly did this.  I used a lawn chair that we were not using, a stand that we had, which holds my bibles, a notebook binder, pens, pencils, some books that I want for references or just books I’m reading or for inspiration, and my journal…on top there’s a white lamp, with a picture of my grandmother, a candle on one side, and lotion on the other.  I took the chair and covered it with a fuzzy blue blanket, and for the footstool, I just took a crate I had, put a red blanket over it to match some of the living room, and then for the side, I took 2 big boxes, covered them with a blanket and put a dry erase board on it to hold drinks or so I could use it if I wanted to.  This has worked so great for me, and it took like 5 minutes to do.  In another article, a women talked about how she did this in here apartment, and now her kids go in there to just calm down if they are upset, they write her notes to tell her what’s wrong, and they just love to use the area as their quiet space, or to just be with their mom. So I hope that this inspires some of you to figure out how to come up with a quiet area for yourself.

Question(s) to think about and or answer:
Do you have a quiet area in your home?  If so where is it and do you have things on it like books, anything?  If not..where in your home could you create one?

Any topics you would like me to cover let me know,  comment, or email me at  I might do a bible series on this blog as well, because I am currently going through chapter by chapter the book of Proverbs.


Picture by me


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