Ways to Stress Less and Live More

“We all have stressful times in our life( hence the picture LOL)  and sometimes we don’t know how to deal with it, however I’m going to give you 10 ways to deal with your stress.”  These are way; you don’t have to try them, but if you do or have, comment and let me know if they have worked.  If you have other ways to deal with stress, comment and share. 🙂

10 ways to deal with stress

1) Dance it out
       -Put on some great danceable music and dance your heart out.  Don’t worry about who is looking at you, just enjoy the music and forget about the stress in your life.
2) Sing it out
        -Again, put on some karaoke or your favorite songs and just sing sing sing it out. 🙂
3) Talk it out
        -Call up a friend, a family member, somebody and talk to them about what is stressing you out.  Maybe they can give you some ideas on how to go about dealing with it or atleast if nothing else a hug and understanding on what you are feeling. There’s nothing more than just talking things out when you feel you need to talk to someone.
4) Focus on what you can control
       – If it is something you can’t control, why would you stress about it?  If it’s something that no matter what idea you have, it won’t fix it, then focus on what you can control.  Maybe you can control how your family goes on living from that point…maybe you can control where your life is going next…whatever it is, Focus on what you can control, and leave the rest to God(Cliche, but it’s true)
5) Focus on the positives
        -Is there something that you can be grateful for?  Are their people in your life who have been there all along that you can say “hey that is a positive thing, I’m grateful for them?”  If you answered yes, then you are on your way.  Focus on the positives and don’t worry about the negatives.
6) Drink Tea
       -Tea is amazing for when you are stressed.  When I’m stressed, I drink green tea, actually I drink green tea in the morning and before I go to bed and when I’m stressed ok…lets face it and be real, I drink tea all the time Lol.  Green tea contains theanine, which is an amino acid that promotes relaxation.  It’s a caffeine antagonist…it contains the stimulating effects of caffeine. http://www.womenshealthmag.com.
7)  Exercise it out
         -Exercise is one of the things that a lot of people choose to do when they are feeling overwhelmed. That is because exercise stimulates the brain by bumping up the neurotransmitters that are called endorphin’s.   Endorphin’s are feel good vibes, so to speak, that tell your mind that exercise is a good thing.  It’s usually why runners love to run…the idea is that when you exercise no one can get near you to put bad news into your head…perfect right?…Therefore you can’t think about the stress in your life, all can think about is what you are doing in that moment.  How
awesome is that?
8)  Breathe or Meditate
         -Ok so basically it’s self explanatory, but just breathe.  Go into a room, or on a chair or something, and take a few minutes and breathe.  Breathing and meditating helps soothe your mind and make it easier for you to understand what is stressing you out.
9)  Get a good nights sleep 
         -Basically just sleep.  Sleep until your heart is content because sleeping at times can sooth the mind, but besides that…it’s just AMAZING 🙂  Tell your boyfriend, husband or whoever that you are going to just sleep.  Turn off your phone, your electronics and forget about the world, and sleep.
10) Write it out, then read it
       -Get a notebook, a journal and piece of paper and write out why you are stressed.  Reading or looking into the source of your stress can really help in knowing how to overcome it and deal with it.  Think about the way you are currently coping with stress, and if it is not working, try something different.  For me, journaling really helps, or reading a book really helps.  A lot of times if I write it out, I can go back and read it, and really figure out what is stressing me out, how I have dealt with stressers in the past, and if they have not worked, I can try something different.

 Stress Less and Live More

Question to answer:

What are ways that you deal with stress?  Comment below







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